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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Find us again

"All the beauty that's been lost before, wants to find us again" - U2, Ordinary Love

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Melt with you

Isn't it amazing how reflections paint such pretty pictures on pavement?  We were on our way home following my youngest daughter's birthday party, and I was captivated by the scenes as we approached traffic lights and road signs.  I took full advantage of being a passenger and enjoyed the photo opp.  Love the color palette and feel in this one.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Corn Maze Encounters

I made a late drive tonight with my youngest daughter to the Night Corn Maze LSU AgCenter's Burden Center.  It ran from 4 to 9 pm, and I didn't know if it would be worth it to get out there at 8 PM.  She really wanted to go for it, so I followed her lead.  As we drove down the road and neared the corn fields, I saw a bright light illuminating the area and heard children's voices coming from within.  I had to stop the car when I saw silhouetted figures standing on top of hay piles with corn stalks rows in the foreground.  I grabbed my camera and scooted my vehicle into a good position to grab some shots.  The bodies climbed, tumbled and triumphed over and over again as I looked through my viewfinder more than psyched to be witnessing this scene.   I took only a handful plus, and had to keep moving on because my daughter wanted to get in there herself.  We found our way to parking beyond the fields, then walked across an area where a bonfire and small stage had been set up.  There were some food and drink tents, too, where it looked like folks could grab some marshmallows and sticks.  Our feet kept us moving right through to the entrance of the Corn Maze where my daughter stopped and hesitated.  After a thought or so, we entered and navigated together trying to find our way to the mountain of hay.

Routing our way past a few scarecrows, other adventurers, and some dead-ends and wrong turns, we finally made it to the mountain.  I thought it was an impressive structure with a height of at least 8 feet high and width of five or six hay stacks.  With a rope on hand to give you support as you aimed for the top, and an 'LSU AgCenter' flag flying as a beacon, it was lots of fun to make the little climb.  My daughter did it on her own first and triumphed with her hands up in the air.  I gave it a try, too, and it was very cool to take a 360 view of the corn fields from the higher perspective.  Sliding down the hay bales to start all over again was lots of fun!

Once we hit the ground, we head right for a destination spotted from up high.  Sponge Bob!!  A big stand up figure was on the outer edge of the corn fields with others acting as targets of a sling shot activity.  My daughter did surprising well with set up and execution, and hit a target or two on a few of her turns.  Another woman, there with her young son, was kind enough to insist he takes turns with us.  We really appreciated getting to go more often.  As it ends up she is a preschool teacher and works across the hall from a neighbor friend of ours, so it'll be nice to have the opportunity to connect again.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Find your way

I welcomed the return to the familiar space of the farm fields during a walk home at the end of the work week.  I didn't expect to step into the same as I had left it, probably months earlier, and things changed because of the continued construction.  What was a tunnel of tall green trees, now lay only covered from one side with the other bare and open.  Natural landmarks disappeared into the twine and tangle of thorny bush and overgrowth.  I was still able to sense my old path, yet it felt like something unknown and unexplored.  A fallen tree still remained and its large exposed roots and trunk guided me to opening edge of the vegetation.  I anticipated stepping into the more open back field, and when I finally made my way and looked toward the sun, it filtered through a lovely gathering of branches and leaves.  Almost like coming up for air and releasing myself, I pulled myself through and out, and into the clear.

Know and follow you instincts...

Saturday, October 12, 2013


LOVE Rebirth!!

I had looked forward to the show all week, and knowing that I'd get out with Rebirth really kept me going at work.  I usually head out on my own for Chelsea's, but this time I put it own there to my friends just in case they could go.  Cool enough that they made it and got there early enough to grab a table right next to the left side of the stage.  Front stage and the space all the way to the bar filled up for Rebirth's set which was great to see.  Taken that I couldn't move around into the crowd to dance and grab different perspectives, but that was all good.  Standing on top of a couple of chairs and scooting onto stage out of the way was awesome and lots of fun.  Thank you Phil Frazier, tuba player, for sharing your space and giving me a view of your world.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Front rail for The Cult at L'Auberge Casino, Lake Charles


 I was thrilled to see The Cult in Lake Charles at the L'Auberge Casino! I've been a fan since the 80's and seen them a few times over the years. Great shows, but this one, with a spot on the rail between Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy was really fantastic.  It was my first time, too, hearing Ian and Billy play with band members John Tempesta on drums, Chris Wyse on bass and James Stevenson on rhythm guitar.  They played 'Electric' in its entirety - LOVED Lil' Devel, Electric Ocean, Aphrodisiac Jacket, King Contrary Man...each excellent.  Floored by Rain, Sanctuary and Spiritwalker!! I wish that my memory was clear enough to list off the entire set. They were strong and awesome, playing true and raw rock n' roll!



"You are beautiful, Ian!!" I had to have screamed that more than a few times during the set. Call it for his voice, his presence, his hip shakin' moves with tambourine in hand, his "Wounded Knee Wilderness" denim vest, and his feather/fur tail attached to his pants. I really connected to his elements.


"Billy!!" I could not get over his guitar playing, especially when he pulled out his his gorgeous and sexy Gretsch White Falcon. Every time I lost my breath. He was passionate, beyond excellent, and so very talented with his art. The biggest gift was his acknowledgement at one moment during the set. He looked and nodded, leaving me speechless. Thank you, Billy!!


After the show we ventured near the band buses where there was still some tech activity. I recognized the guitar tech because I had taken some pre-show shots of him. After I let him know about the photos, he introduced himself as Adrian Ost. It ends up that he's in a band, too. Powerman 5000. Hoping that he finds this shout-out.

I wouldn't have been able to go without my good friend and concert bud, Bill. Thank you, Bill!!! Once we got into the casino concert location, that rail spot was waiting for us. I was completely surprised given that it was so close to show time and was the best spot in the house. Was perfect to enjoy the warm-up dancers, fantastic concert view and a find of Billy Duffy's pick after the show, too.

We had great folks around us - Sheri and Derek from Lake Charles. Kindred spirits in music interests and very much into the set. Chris to our left, and two women whose names I didn't grab, who enjoyed the show right along with us. I really appreciated how there weren't territorial issues in the front. Made for a cool experience.

Signing off with a big thank you to The Cult for coming to Louisiana!  Very cool of them to make the stop in two locations.  Loved making it to one of the shows!

 "Life's too short, on with the show..." - Bad Fun

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Lagniappe Brass Band at The Maison

I was completely surprised by four of my former students from 20 years ago in New Orleans on Friday night who trekked all the way from Chicago, NJ, and DC to visit me.  We shared a great dinner at NOLA, great conversation, then head out into the New Orleans scene.

For our first stop on Frenchmen Street, we jumped into the Maison because of the crowd trying to get in. It was packed with people enjoying the brass sounds of the Lagniappe Brass Band. It was my first time checking them out, and the word that I kept feeling was 'passion'. These players worked it so well with one another and the crowd, and were very intense in each song played. As more musicians checked in at the door, they made room for them to perform and have their moment. It was a great first impression of the band, and I'll definitely check them out again. I couldn't have asked for anything better to start off our music adventure.

I love this photo set.  No matter how minimal the light source, go for it to grab what you can to tell your story.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CSS at the Varsity Theatre + Lovefoxxx Feature Set

Topped off my birthday by catching CSS at Baton Rouge's Varsity Theatre.  It was a good move because I so appreciated tapping into their energy and sounds reminding me of my younger self.  Danced a bit, photographed a bit, ran into photographer Mark Bienvenu who took of photo of me in action, and was able to grab an event poster after the show because of the kindness of a fan who had two.  Thank you to the drummer for the night (wish I knew his name) who autographed it then took it back stage for two more signatures.  It came back deco'd for my bday which I think is awesome!

When reviewing and processing my photos, I really gravitated towards the captures of Lovefoxxx, the band's lead vocal, because of her creativity and free spirited presence. I edited a feature photo set of her in black and white with one image cross processed.

Photo taken by Mark Bienvenu. Thank you, Mark! Check out his CSS photos, too. He works the light and captures so well.

The LOVE belt buckle

My brother sent this my way for my birthday this year.  It's a gorgeous belt buckle with glittering rhinestones and a garnet red stone set in the hand.  From the moment seeing it, I felt that I wanted to wear it to The Cult show if I was able to get tickets.  I knew that hand image, but couldn't source it.  It wasn't until speaking to my sister-in-law when calling to say 'thank you' that I realized the Cult connection was intentional.  Right away I knew this hand as one of the icons appearing on The Cult's 'Love' release artwork.  It's an excellent and thoughtful gift!  Love it!

The view from 47

The glowing, early morning orange and pink sky filled the room where I sat reading from the computer.  It pulled me outside in wonder of the bright colors and gift of the day.  Stop to think that after 47 years of sunrises, they'll still amaze in their uniqueness and beauty.

Inspired, I prepped for an early bike ride, and was excited to kick off my birthday outside.  Once out there, my egret friend greeted me from its spot on the pine, then I finally made myself stop to take pictures of the tree hanging over the lake.  Each were uplifting, with newness in their familiarity.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ridin' it home

Inspired by two friends racing the NYC Triathlon on Sunday morning, I woke up early and went out for a biking trek.  It was the first time I cycled for the purpose of exercise versus transport to work.  I decided to ride across the Ford Property and head towards the Pennington Research Center instead of towards the lake, and I really appreciated the route change.  Similar visual goodies with the added bonus of a couple low slope hills made it all work for me.  When entering the field, both going and returning, I stopped to soak it all in and smile at the thought of my many past walks with camera in hand.  I can now add myself to the many cyclists who frequent and value the passage.  Now to just get myself back out there and continue being inspired by my active friends.  :))

Ford Property entrance via Sweetbriar

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Night dancers

The lights had always fascinated me as they shimmered and danced.  Immersed, I felt cool relief and a sense of companionship in the dark.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Life story

Every time I go for a hair cut with Josh, the experience is a sensory mix of relaxation and stress relief, as well as great conversations with him.  We chat it up about music, bands, and cool nooks and crannies of Baton Rouge, and I love asking him about his latest tattoos and the stories behind them. I walk out of there with a cut I like and feeling like a connected human being again.

On this given day, it was my daughter's turn giving me an different look into Josh's work.  As I watched him cut 8 inches off of my daughter's hair, I followed the form of his hands and arms underneath the salon lights.  It was a great study of lines, perspective, reflective light and shadows, and I took a few shots to see if I could capture just a bit of the vision.  I told him that it would be very interesting to sit a stylist chair underneath studio lights with clients coming in for haircuts as usual.  Photographers would be there, too, for the experience of learning more about the relationship of form and light.

The salon lights in this case weren't powerful, but I did pay attention to when illumination of Josh's arms were stronger than not.  This shot was about angle and the light, and when reviewing and processing I became very excited about the final look.  With his approval on the colors, I share it here.

Of course, if you're in the Baton Rouge area and would like a great hair cut, visit Josh Chataignier at the Paris Parker Salon on Jefferson.

Monday, July 8, 2013

I heart

This sunset followed me as I rushed from home to the shopping mall tonight.  Its golden colors kept me peeking in my rear view mirror and side window, and slowed me down to soak up its light.  Just like an old drive-in movie, I pulled into a spot just right for the show.  Leaning on the car hood, still warm from the ride, I watched, enjoyed and smiled.  I wondered who else out there was keeping company with this beauty and feeling the joy.

What a treat, too, to see the surprise heart mark created by the glare in the image.  I couldn't have personalized it any better.  :))

We're Upward Bound

July 2:  These dedicated, young people are making my ride into LSU every morning worth it.  Thank you, for being there, Algebra II classes!

Here are some preliminary shots of the Upward Bound students.  With a couple days left, there are many more captures to be had.

Photo by Vivian

July 3 and 8:  We took a few more shots to add to our originals.  A good number didn't want to have their picture taken, but did respond to my encouragement and reminder that they are making history as LSU's  first Upward Bound students.  Congratulations!  Kudos to the program's director, Stephanie Givens, for initiating Upward Bound's presence at LSU and making it all happen.  :))

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning egret

I finally strapped on the camera today for my ride into work with the intention of taking pics of the students.  Upward Bound's summer session ends on Monday, so its appearance was way overdue.   I got to use it way before seeing the kids as my morning egret friend was sitting it the pine catching the rising sun.  It had made the same appearance once or twice before, and each time it had been such a treat to catch it sitting high.  Seeing it again while toting my camera was a sweet surprise, and without hesitation I jumped off to grab some shots.  Despite doing my best with my sleuth photo stalking skills, it sensed me and flew away after a few minutes or so.  I did have enough time, though, to appreciate the show of subtle light in the curve of its neck.  Ooh, I so enjoyed it, along with the long, wispy feathers gently sitting on the ends of its wings.

Let us see if it will be there again "knowing" that I'll have my camera with me while keeping out a watchful eye.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dream a little green with me

These gorgeous reflections of summer green stopped me as I waded through the cool creek waters at Gloster Arboretum, Mississippi.  Surrounded by a tunnel of trees, an opening of bright sunlight waited at a curved bank in front of me.  The subtle water motions blended and moved the light and colors into a wonderful creation.

I'm usually so picky with green hues and tones in my photos, but this range welcomes me in without hesitation.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mandelbrot inclinations

So you know that my brain is in math mode when I start seeing the Mandelbrot set in the images I process.  After recognizing something similar to the iconic fractal image in the outline of the sun coming through the trees, I knew that my math self was resurfacing.  I used to LOVE immersing my energies into explorations of fractal geometry during my graduate studies years ago, and returning to teaching high school students mathematics this summer has reignited plenty of synaptic related activity.  It's a chuckle to have a photographic image representative of a what's floating through my brain.

Tonight, in order to indulge my returning fractal desires while prepping, rather procrastinating, to teach tomorrow's Algebra 2 math class, I explored a puzzle feature of an online math resource site.  Here is the result for comparative purposes to my above vision.  Yes, this may influence you to see the Mandelbrot set at the poolside, too.

As for the other visual treats experienced while playing lifeguard, here are a few, each with their own statement made via processing.  All taken June 7, 2013 with my cell phone.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Morning commute

On June 4, I started my job for Upward Bound LSU teaching Algebra II.  I cycle in everyday, and finally, after over a week of working, I documented myself in action.  'Warp speed' effects were possibly caused by the perspiration on my cell phone indicating that I'm drenched in humidity levels over 90% in the early AM.   Words like 'steamy' and 'glistening' float through my head as I ride, and I'm brewing what type of photo would best capture the heat's effects.    Might be best left up to imagination.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fun at Dixie Landing

I went to Baton Rouge's Dixie Landing amusement park tonight with my daughters and our neighbors.  Arrived after 5 for the late day sun and a great ticket discount to hit the rides.  At first most of my time was with my 5 year old seeking out the rides she could go on, but then in an hour or so we were switching off with the bigger kids and parents.  It was lots of fun, and I was impressed with the bravery of my girls as well as the kindness, courtesy and efficiency of the young folks working the rides.

I had my cell and took random shots especially as dusk hit with the ride lights coming on.  I fell in love with my not top of the line cell camera because of the glow of lights it grabs and mood created.  Pop them into Picasa software for some Ortonish effects with a touch of Holga and 1960's effects here and there, and some cool images are created.