Welcome to Timeline Photos. A few years back I started peeking around my archives in search of some of the first photographs I had taken. Here records my quest into better understanding my long term love of camera and experiencing the world with it in hand. All photos appear in chronological order hopefully revealing an evolution of how I see and what moves me to speak with light.

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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

From within

This morning took me to the LSU lakes in search of pelicans and a seasonal landscape. The birds were elusive and any moments close to late autumn were whisked away by seconds of time. I wasn't in the 'right place and the right time'. Being frustrated by this, I let it go and just stopped to experience the changing views. The cloud cover began to give way to blue skies, and in the water's reflection the story was told.

From within, when we quiet ourselves, peace will heal, strengthen and emerge.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Painting with color, water and camera


Back at the field's edge this morning, the sun didn't show itself right away because of cloud cover. When it finally burst through, much later than yesterday, this set of trees once again stood out in the space. I felt as if the larger tree and I were aware of each other's presence, which made me smile. Its extended branches took on the appearance of arms wide open, raised towards the sky.

Fog is expected for tomorrow morning, too. It's been a good week for morning peace and inspiration!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The gift of an hour

Down the street, the sunrise calls 

I'm still recovering from being sick for two weeks through Thanksgiving break and beyond. With just a remnant cough, tender throat, and headache now and then, I think I'm making it.  During that stretch of time, my morning and daily habits changed towards self-care and away from caffeine and device overconsumption.  Instead of starting the day with two cups of coffee and jumping on the screen, I now enjoy hot lemon water with honey in a lovely ceramic Japanese tea cup.  The biggest bonus is drinking it in quiet and not rushing onto my computer and phone to kick into my daily dose of screen time. I'm giving myself one hour before I engage with other than what is within and around me. I'm surprised by how much I've missed and what I'm able to appreciate and cultivate in that one hour.

I have made it part of my morning routine in the past to step under our Live Oak in the front yard and peek down the street to see what's happening in the field. In my more aware and present state this morning, and yesterday's, too, I smiled big when viewing the low fog sitting in the field with an emerging orange glow in the backdrop. It was so lovely to take a walk for a closer view. I remembered from last year at this time that the sun rises in just the right spot for me to see it peeking through and over the tree line. It's an exciting moment to see if you've made it on time to wait for the rise instead of arriving in the midst. Either way, she's a beauty in her bright and intense orange glow as the field mist waits to come alive in her light.

From the field's edge, I watched and wow'd, as she rose and illuminated the space. I moved with her to experience the different views and creations of shadow, light and mist. Yes, I still get upset when I see that clearing has occurred during construction phases, but they've done a good job keeping a few young trees and removing overgrowth of weeds and plants. Tree curves stood out and were flattered by the light, casting shadows across the dewy grass. The old farm building is more clearly viewed, and it became part of the landscape story, too.

Thank you, one hour of time, for challenging me to improve my ways to appreciate and be present.  It's much better to enter the world in peaceful ways. Grateful.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Heavy rain water streaming down my car front window, filtering my outside view.
Carnival colors spin and blend before the ride lights go black because of the storm.

From my parked car, I watch through the moving darkness,
the beauty of the fading saturation.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sitting with a hurricane, seeking out the sun

Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous allowing me to work in the yard and be out back with our dog without humidity and insects attacking me. This morning while outside, a few hurricane flowers attracted me to get down to their level and observe. I had my camera with me, took the 50mm off, and held it against the camera body with the mount pointing out creating a 'macro' lens. Immersing myself into and around the hurricane, I enjoyed the light and color effects through the lens.  The sun had not yet hit them, but I still moved around to grab whatever rays came through.

Viewing in the camera, then after downloading for processing, my heart swelled.  My tenderness somehow sought the company of the hurricanes during this session.  The images carry that heart watermark of sorts, and really open up possibilities and invitations.

Note:  Font exploration today for the 'IKATO' sometimes appearing in my photos.  I went vertical and 'Microsoft Yi Baiti'.  I like it because I'm looking for simple in representing myself for contact.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Revivalists at the Varsity Theater!


Why I've only seen The Revivalists live 2 times?! Soaked up their energy with the crazy amount of fans packed into the Varsity.  I was able to slither and scoot to the right side of the stage, then as a few folks who were in the front left? I planted myself in their spots.  I still had room to dance, rock out and play photographer.  Hot night!!  Thanks to the tech who gave me the setlist from David Shaw's spot.  :)))




Monday, August 17, 2015

The people I meet - Art Melt Opening 2015

On one amazing evening in which I'm still in awe and very appreciative...very fortunate, I enjoyed meeting a few art enthusiasts and artists.

I usually walk a fine line of being present without taking photos or immersing myself with camera in hand.  On this night I tried to balance it out to grab a couple keepsake images.

The Trio

The energy these three friends projected was awesome.  As I approached the State Museum after needing to run back to my car, I couldn't help but notice how they were enjoying a performance and each others company.  Travis, Megan, and Blake, cheers, cheers!

Once I made it upstairs, the scene was just as active with live music and people coming and going in and out of the gallery.  The sunset shining through the building's exterior captivated me, and it was lovely sharing space with others who enjoyed the setting, too.

Robin, thank you for waiting so patiently to view.

To be continued...

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunsets across my childhood memories

I love when the sun becomes muted by surrounding clouds and colors, almost as if I took my fingers and wiped them across the scene softening and blending the shapes and lines. Tonight I stopped the car to watch for a bit then take a few shots because it was one of those sunsets.

Even more so, they remind me so very much of a book I loved as a child.  There were illustrated versions of the same sunsets I love today throughout the pages, and I used to sit and look, turning back and forth among all of the pictures.  I remember viewing similar sunsets as a child and thinking that they looked like something in the book.  If I could only remember its title.

I still like being transported in my mind to those moments of wonder many years back and jumping into the pages of the book again. Brain switches open up memories and feelings when I see the soft colors and lights. I like connecting then with now, and really appreciate the near timelessness of sunset beauty.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

On stage with the Rebirth Brass Band!!

All it took was Chadrick Honore inviting 'all the ladies in the house' on stage, and the stream of women started through the side stage door.  I scooted in last after a good nudge from my awesome friend, "You've got to go..." I've been on stage briefly to take a few shots when Rebirth has played Chelsea's and once at Bogie's, but never at the Varsity Theater.

I took a spot right by snare drummer, Derrick Tabb, and tuba player, Phil Frazier.  I'm guessing that there were 20-30 happy, dancing women who were completely into it with up there with me.  Watch the video and see how only a few pulled out their cellphone to take a picture or two.  Other than that, they were truly embracing the moment.

I'm not sure how I did not dance at all for 10 minutes.  Usually, I'm movin' a bit in between my shots, but this time around I suppose I took the self-assigned video job very seriously. ;)

Thank you very much, Rebirth!!! Always excellent to have you in town.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Memories in green

Years ago, in 1995, I spent some time in a rainforest region of Ecuador.  I had been selected as a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation teacher grant recipient to visit through Earthwatch. My mission as a team member was to assist scientist, Durrell Kapan, collect field data for his study of evolutionary processes in butterflies.

Today I was reminded of one of my personal transformations in the rainforest while staring into a large palm plant.  First, the burst of green attracted my eye, then the many gradients of color in the light and shade revealed themselves.  As I got deeper into the leaves, I smiled remembering the softness of the earth below my feet and the surrounding space of layers and layers of rainforest lushness.  Just like today, the greens introduced themselves as one entity, and with more time walking and being in the forest. shades stood out with their own identity. It was a beyond precious and invaluable experience twenty years ago, and how wonderful that a moment of light and a local green plant intermingled with those memories.

(Time to search for the summary report I wrote for the G.  In it a poem about green is included.)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

In the glow, we walk

In the South, you just know when the humidity arrives and is here to stay. As soon as I stepped out this evening to walk our dog, I felt it immediately. It draped itself over me in a thin layer of stickiness as we moved along not even a long distance from home. Despite my angst, I thought the effects on the light were gorgeous as the golden sky had a glow to it. The setting sun kept making me turn around to enjoy as Sparkle led me to the field.  I found it all so lovely.

Apparently, my iPhone4 was aware of the glow, too, because the photos taken delivered just that. At first I thought it was a smudge on the lens, but no.  Possibly my contacts were funky and tired? No.  I just went with it and took advantage of how we worked together to capture and enjoy the feel of it all.

Walk with me through the images and the space. Maybe you'll get a sense of why I gravitate toward this field and what it offers.

Know that I processed the photos in Picasa, overall kept the composition intact with only a few cropped, and used the "Orton-ish" filter to accentuate the glow. I find myself preferring the feel of the bw and its stress of the white in its softness.

Fest family appreciation 2015

I love New Orleans Jazz Fest and Heritage Festival for its music, food and culture, yes.  Every year, I also volunteer at the Zulu Krewe Diamoncutters beverage tent via the heartfelt outreach of The Threadheads, and I feel myself becoming more and more attached and happy to see the good people working with me, and stopping by to visit, too.  I'm more than fortunate to share in their Fest spirit of friendship, fun and goodness!

Breaking in tradition of presenting images in time order, I'll share a mix of photos from the different days worked at Fest this year.  I'm so prompted to dig into past years for images of friends, too.  Enjoy meeting and reading about my Fest friends who make the experience all more awesome!!

*More friends to be posted*

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They're back...

Enjoyed a little impromptu photo session with a dragonfly or two, today.  While still cleaning up sticks fallen during last week's crazy storm/potential tornado, I was visited by a few dragonflies enjoying flight in the sunshine.  I kept taking note because one in particular returned to the same stick for its landing allowing me to get close for some awesome views.  There were territorial 'battles' between dragonflies, as well as some comradery in shared stick space with one another.  Not only are they pretty to watch and a challenge to photograph, but they are a wonderful reassurance that there will be less mosquitoes bothering us.  Now if I could only get that "dragonfly in flight" shot I'm looking for...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Benjamin Booker excellence!

Big holler goes out to the Atomic Pop Shop vinyl store here in Baton Rouge for their 2 ticket raffle for the Benjamin Booker show at the Varsity.  I entered and was more than psyched to have a message on my phone that I had won!!  Shared my tickets with a good friend in from North Dakota, and grabbed another great friend to be there with us, too.

Dear lord!!!!  Leaning on the front and rockin' out during the show made for a more than excellent night.  Hot sounds and energy!!

I was treated to a set list at the end of the show given to me by the drummer, Max Norton. When I asked if he could sign it and get the others, too, he didn't hesitate.  "Go on back...." pointing to the doorway to back stage.  Really?!!!  After a nano second of hesitation I walked on through and was welcomed by Benjamin Booker sittin' on a couch with the opening band, the Yelephants, and a handful of friends.  He even made room for me to sit down.  Happy girl, indeed!

Thank you, Benjamin Booker!!  We were the lucky ones to catch you that night.  :)))