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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I really, really liked this space - Ford Pasture

Today Sparkle rerouted during our morning walk to enter the field at the end of Sweetbriar through the fence.  As we approached, I heard the rumble of machinery.  It's Sunday morning around 8, construction equipment on the move, and your gut tells you that it's not for a good reason.

Turning towards the gate, through the brush at the end of the T, there is a small bulldozer pushing through the line of trees and overgrowth clearing the way.  I wondered which trees still stood beyond the fence, and as I went through, most checked in standing except for the sole tree in the distance which usually greeted me at the passage into the back field.

It lay there, root ball exposed and one of it's branched pointing upwards towards the sky, as the bulldozer moved near continuing to clear the line.  I hated that crackling sound, absolutely hated it.

We walked away from there and through the loop towards the east.  My anger gave way to sadness and the realization that this this space was in its final phase of existence.  It had been in the waiting for a handful of years, but today was the day that marked the reality of its destruction.  I felt it in my heart and cried.

I really, really liked this field, this Ford Pasture.

Its quiet was soothing and healing.
Its beauty really a gift and reminder of good things, big and small.
The trees had always been good storytellers of their many days.
The light.  I learned and loved its light.
I liked its magic and surprises.
Companion spirit, Hawk.  I wonder if he is feeling the loss, too.

I smile, though, remembering the man from Hawaii I met at a teacher conference a couple years ago. He taught me the word, 'Aina', the spirit of the land, when he heard me describe Ford Pasture.  He said that Hawaiins believe that the ancestors of a place speak to you through the land.  It carries time, history, and meaning.  I know that there are many people who have their own memories and appreciation of this space over the years.


How fortunate to have had this special place to go.



*I wasn't going to include any photos of the clearing, and was initially only moved to review photos I had shared in this blog and in my archives.

This post made on October 18, 2011 includes the tree I speak of, as well as beginning indications that I would continue to visit the field.

To the tree

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Friday, February 26, 2016

A peek into Preservation Hall

One of my favorite things to do while in New Orleans is swing by its historic Preservation Hall.  Even when it's off hours, there's something very magical about peeking into its space through the smallest of openings and imagining the musical creations born there.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not alone

The fog drew me out to the field for a session with the trees on the leading edge of the field.

It was very quiet, with just the distant highway 10 rumble, hanging in the background.

Then a little, sweet song, volume high, permeated the space and trees.  So lovely a reminder that you're not alone.  As I enjoyed the beauty and calm of the scene, the little bird was there, too, appreciating his high perch and position to send out a message.

On my way home, these fuscia Japanese magnolia blooms slowed me down for a pretty look.  How thrilled I was by the background in green and the lens effects with the wet green.