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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Walls Project #15 - Gettin' out there with art for Baton Rouge

Through a 225 Magazine online posting about volunteer opportunities in Baton Rouge last week, I discovered the good work of the Walls Project.  This past Saturday over 100 volunteers gathered throughout the day at BREC's Gayosa Park to create a group mural painting.  I arrived mid-morning with my husband, two daughters and a friend, and stayed a handful of hours working alongside and meeting people who care about the direction of Baton Rouge's growth.  How valuable to engage in the arts and contribute to our community.  It really was a great time and I loved that my children were hands on!

I'm very excited to have met talented artists and awesome individuals with the Walls Project.  Executive Director, Casey Phillips, Creative Director of the Elevators Project, Raina Wirta, and Alexis Stephenson and Melisa Rad of the Elevators Project.


The creative space of vision and action.  Raina Wirta's concept notebook.

Melisa Rad, of Elevators Project, preps an empty wall with guiding lines of tape.

Raina Wirta, of the Elevators Project, adds elements to the wall section representing a city grid.

Casey Phillips, Executive Director of the Walls Project.  He speaks so well about the efforts and purpose of the Walls Project.  Be sure to watch his interview with The Advocate http://bcove.me/qxm57kfq.

Raina Wirta stands near the "X and O" wall section.  She spoke of the value in taking an artistic concept and putting it in the hands and expressions of the community.

Alexis Stephenson, Elevators Project Artist, adds a peace sign while feeling great about the wall's progess.

Volunteers Meagan Simone and Antoinette Johnson (left to right) both discovered the Walls Project by walking into the downtown office with their curiosity on different occasions. They share great enthusiasm for the work.

Walls Project members

Eric Stewart, Elevators Project, holds painted tape guides freshly pulled from the wall.  
The collection is a piece of art in itself.

David Chemin, BREC Park Ranger, on site at Gayosa Park to assist with support.

Be sure to check out and appreciate the work done by local papers, The Advocate, and NOLA.com - Baton Rouge.

The Advocate:  http://theadvocate.com/home/9680298-125/brs-gayosa-park-gets-walls
Well done video interview with Casey Phillips by Advocate's photographer, Travis Spradling: http://bcove.me/qxm57kfq

NOLA.com - Baton Rouge, photographs by Brianna Paciorka:  http://www.nola.com/living/baton-rouge/index.ssf/2014/07/volunteers_help_create_new_wal.html

City grid evolution

Lanie Skaggs works on the wall of an abandoned garage which faces the park.