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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Front rail for The Cult at L'Auberge Casino, Lake Charles


 I was thrilled to see The Cult in Lake Charles at the L'Auberge Casino! I've been a fan since the 80's and seen them a few times over the years. Great shows, but this one, with a spot on the rail between Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy was really fantastic.  It was my first time, too, hearing Ian and Billy play with band members John Tempesta on drums, Chris Wyse on bass and James Stevenson on rhythm guitar.  They played 'Electric' in its entirety - LOVED Lil' Devel, Electric Ocean, Aphrodisiac Jacket, King Contrary Man...each excellent.  Floored by Rain, Sanctuary and Spiritwalker!! I wish that my memory was clear enough to list off the entire set. They were strong and awesome, playing true and raw rock n' roll!



"You are beautiful, Ian!!" I had to have screamed that more than a few times during the set. Call it for his voice, his presence, his hip shakin' moves with tambourine in hand, his "Wounded Knee Wilderness" denim vest, and his feather/fur tail attached to his pants. I really connected to his elements.


"Billy!!" I could not get over his guitar playing, especially when he pulled out his his gorgeous and sexy Gretsch White Falcon. Every time I lost my breath. He was passionate, beyond excellent, and so very talented with his art. The biggest gift was his acknowledgement at one moment during the set. He looked and nodded, leaving me speechless. Thank you, Billy!!


After the show we ventured near the band buses where there was still some tech activity. I recognized the guitar tech because I had taken some pre-show shots of him. After I let him know about the photos, he introduced himself as Adrian Ost. It ends up that he's in a band, too. Powerman 5000. Hoping that he finds this shout-out.

I wouldn't have been able to go without my good friend and concert bud, Bill. Thank you, Bill!!! Once we got into the casino concert location, that rail spot was waiting for us. I was completely surprised given that it was so close to show time and was the best spot in the house. Was perfect to enjoy the warm-up dancers, fantastic concert view and a find of Billy Duffy's pick after the show, too.

We had great folks around us - Sheri and Derek from Lake Charles. Kindred spirits in music interests and very much into the set. Chris to our left, and two women whose names I didn't grab, who enjoyed the show right along with us. I really appreciated how there weren't territorial issues in the front. Made for a cool experience.

Signing off with a big thank you to The Cult for coming to Louisiana!  Very cool of them to make the stop in two locations.  Loved making it to one of the shows!

 "Life's too short, on with the show..." - Bad Fun