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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Know of the River - Sweat Lodge Blues

Very recently I was happy to find out that blues musician, the talented and dear Alabama Slim, was touring in France as part of "Music is My Home", special project of jazz musician, Raphael Imbert.  He performed with Leyla McCalla and Big Ron Hunter, also talented Music Maker Relief Foundation musicians, as well as the French group, Cie Nine Spirit.  Love the collaboration and creation!

Nearly two hours into one of the concers, Alabama Slim put down his guitar, stayed at the mic, and Raphael Imbert introduced Leyla McCalla's return to the stage for "Sweat Lodge Blues".   Its mesmerizing and mantra like quality spoke to me, as well as the imagery and emotions invoked.  It takes me back to the river spaces and textures I know and enjoy to explore.  So good for the soul...

I've listened to it many times and jotted down the lyrics for the first two verses and refrain.   Which lines resonate with you?  Each tells their own story...

http://www.lairedu.fr/music-home/?t=6394  (Click to see concert promotional image, hover over center, click and wait.  The whole 2 hour concert is very well worth the view and listen.  This link enters you at "Sweat Lodge Blues" 1:46 and the final set including Match Box Blues.  Very nice!)

Sweat Lodge Blues

Sweat like a river
Spring like a river
Sing like a river
Cry like a river
Pray by the river
Mourn with the river
Dance by the river
Love with the river

Stones in the river
are stones in the river
Boats on the river
and birds flying over

Follow the river
and learn from the river
and know of the river
and flow like the river flows.

I love the river
I sing by the river

She growls like my father
She swings like my mother

I know the river
her soul is a mirror
She could be a lover
She could be a killer

"Why" goes the river
but wide is the river
Shaped on the river
but lights coming over

Follow the river
and learn from the river
and know of the river
and flow like the river flows

Sweat like the river
Sweat like the river
Pray by the river
Pray by the river

Stones in the river
Stones in the river

Follow the river
and learn from the river
and know of the river
and flow like a river flows

Please be sure to visit the artists' pages linked above to learn more and appreciate.  Thank you, and thank you for this project and outreach, Raphael Imbert.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jack love

How fortunate to spend time with a beautiful horse.  I was with a dear friend, and when she stepped away to get a lead line so I could ride, I laid my head against big, lovely Jack's head.  He accepted and we shared each other's warmth under the gorgeous sun and bright blue sky.  I could have stopped that moment forever because it was so true and free.