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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Slow down...

Slow down...

I'm so not ready for the bright red and green bows and decorations of Christmas overriding the pretty colors of change around us.  When our area finally reaches a visual place speaking to us of the seasonal beauty of Fall, shopping clocks tell us to speed ahead to something other.

Not me.
I'm stopping to soak it in.

Cypress LOVE

During this fall season, you can usually hear me missing and wishing for the beauty of the changing colors and cooler air of the Northeast.  Lately, our own changing cypress trees have been speaking to me with their rusted needles mixed with greens.  One tree in particular on Dalrymple Drive on the LSU Lakes is absolutely gorgeous, draped with Spanish Moss dancing with the cold, water breeze.  This morning I went out to spend time with it and brought my camera along.  Once I stepped into its shadow and looked up at the light streaming through its textures, I lifted my arms up high in celebration of its pretty ways.

Here are a few shots taken during our first session together.  I'm not there yet in terms of the light balance and feel, and hope for some future time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vigil for Michael Brown and Police Shooting Victims - LSU Amphitheater

The crowd gathered in peace at the LSU Amphitheater in community and support while listening to speakers share their insights and feelings.  One young man wearing a sweatshirt which read "Don't Shoot" expressed anger and frustration.  A "We are tired!" chant from the crowd followed.

During the reading of names of people killed by police shootings and the details surrounding their death, this man stood and supported himself in silence.

At the end of the vigil, those in attendance were invited to share a few words.  A number of people spoke, and one women in particular strongly urged continued meetings of the college community.  They will meet again at LSU.

More information about the vigil and meetings can be found at FB's Michael Brown Vigil.

The Advocate article  Crowd gathers for peaceful Michael Brown memorial on LSU campus

WBRZ TV report

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Givin' thanks Rebirth style!

Kicked off Thanksgiving Break with the Rebirth Brass Band at Baton Rouge's Bogies.  It was my first time there and didn't know what to expect from this college bar scene.  After shocking the young man at the door checking IDs by my birth date year 30 years older than all others (he had been looking down when viewing), I stepped right in and had a fun time.  Rebirth ALWAYS puts on a great show and treat the crowd right.  The full band was there minus co-founder Keith Frazier on the Bass Drum, and Terrence Andrews performed in his place.  I really enjoyed meeting him and seeing all of the band members in Baton Rouge once again.

A special thanks to Rebirth, co-founder Phil Frazier, Tuba, and Derrick Tabb, Snare, and Terrence Andrews for letting me step into their rear stage space for a different perspective of the show.  I'm more than appreciative of the opportunity and experience.  (I took some nice photos of their instuments during the set break which I'll share in an album, too.) All of these shots were taken with my husband's iPhone 6.  I'm very impressed by how it handled the low light situation and more than psyeched to have grabbed a good set.

Be sure to check out the Rebirth Brass Band back in Baton Rouge on December 20 at Chelsea's!

(Creative Commons Irene Kato)