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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A healing space that knows

I peeked down my street this morning into the field space blocks away to find a mist waiting to rise with the sun.  Scooted around getting on my another layer of clothes with my all time favorite 18 year old Ecuadorian El Paca wool sweater on top.  Once this sweater comes out for its season intro, I reconnect to a strong spirit inside from years back, and it always makes me smile.  Jumped on my bike right after packing my husband's iPhone6 for the ride to the field.  Without a working camera these days, I've been in a different zone of seeing and appreciating life.  Today I really wanted it with me to keep the door of light exploration open.

Making a last moment decision, I made a left into the new development to get the whole field view instead of riding into the back field.  The mist already glowed with orange water crystals, and I knew that it would soon be gone.  Once arriving at the turn facing the open space of gold, I left my bike in the dried 'creek' bed and freed myself to walk around.

I immediately noticed that some work had been done clearing brush and young trees, and I scanned the area to see which familiar and welcoming landmarks of the past were gone.  I was relieved to see the old corner oak still watching over the span, and the "Goddess" trees remained by its side.  Without the overgrown areas, trees stood taller together and they welcomed the sun and broke the light into shadows and joy.

This was the second weekend that I had visited since I started a new teaching job 11 days ago.  It is so wearing on my spirit, and my feelings of inadequacies in meeting the needs of the teens overwhelm me.  Saturday helped me begin to recover and regain self, and this morning it was an automatic to seek the company of peace.  I feel safe in this space, as if it knows why I seek a visit.  Possibly in a way I'm its companion, too, as I've watched it change and redefine itself over the past few years.

Thank you, Aina, "spirit of the land", for what you share.

PS - I'm amazed with the quality of these iPhone6 images.  Untouched except for cropping.  :))))  Upgrading from my non-smart phone may just be what I do while I save for a pro body.