Welcome to Timeline Photos. A few years back I started peeking around my archives in search of some of the first photographs I had taken. Here records my quest into better understanding my long term love of camera and experiencing the world with it in hand. All photos appear in chronological order hopefully revealing an evolution of how I see and what moves me to speak with light.

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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Friday, February 28, 2014


I captured this moment as a 'Royal Photographer' during the Krewe of Southdowns Mardi Gras Parade.  It was taken during the "King's Pee", when the parade stops rolling and the dignitaries take care of themselves properly.  During the 15 minute break, I had enough time to run into a friend's house on the same street for a quick drink and bathroom visit myself, and on the way back to the floats, I truly stumbled over this beautiful moment and young man in the middle of the road.  It was nothing even close to quiet as parade marchers socialized and danced in the street.  The scene was fantastic, and I took just two shots as he rested and his friends started cheering him on as I photographed from the ground.  I'm happy to have gotten his name and shared my contact info with him.  He emailed me as promised, and I'll be sending this image his way.  Enjoy, Jude!!  I really appreciate that we crossed paths.  :))

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smell that pink!

After a day of teaching and zooming off to take my girls to their afternoon activity, moments of quiet refuel me.  I hadn't been taking the time to still myself lately, but on this given day my body and mind made me stop.  I sat in the car for about 20 minutes or so allowing myself to do nothing but sit.  The late afternoon was so lovely that I finally got out for a little walk, and found myself gravitating towards and strolling through blooming Japanese magnolias.  So, so fragrant and welcoming, and once again I allowed myself just to be, looking up at the blue sky with them enjoying their beauty and floral expressions.  Not having my DSLR was fine, but I couldn't resist taking a few pics with my cellphone.  I really enjoyed myself and appreciated.  I topped off the experience with a treat at a local restaurant - an Abita Andygator beer with 1/2 dozen raw oysters.  Ah...required rejuvenation of spirit.