Welcome to Timeline Photos. A few years back I started peeking around my archives in search of some of the first photographs I had taken. Here records my quest into better understanding my long term love of camera and experiencing the world with it in hand. All photos appear in chronological order hopefully revealing an evolution of how I see and what moves me to speak with light.

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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Return meanderings

After a long and rare nap, I stepped out earlier than usual with Sparkle for our walk.  I had been wanting to go the field since our return from NJ the day before, and without resistance, Sparkle led the way.  I didn't carry my camera but my cell phone, and I appreciated the opp to take a few pictures with it.  None in my collection were from my cell, and I thought it would be interesting to have a different look.  Well, field exploration ended up being minimal, and we found ourselves headed towards the middle school property which sits adjacent to the farm property.  I'm not sure what led her there, but it was such a great open space for views of the simple and pretty sky.   The colors were such swirls of summer, and the high humidity created a wonderful glow of  light.   There's something about these that I really appreciate, and possibly it's the feel of me coming back into myself following my trip.  The transition always takes time, and I'm not sure that it's ever complete.  Either way, this space helps me find the way.

The falling apart basketball hoops caught me eye, too.  :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


I usually feel my photos back in the moment taken when titling them, and 'Wonderland' popped into my head when remembering the flight I took with my girls today.  Three hours in a plane on nada sleep after waking at 4 AM and trekking it for over an hour to the airport, with two young girls, technically could have been disastrous.  We were possibly too tired to even be unhappy so releasing ourselves to the fact helped us avoid meltdowns and be open to creative entertainment.  Watching the formation of ice crystals on the window worked for us, and I took plenty of photos of the fractal delicacies on their own against the blue.  When my four year old held her hand against them it was a 'wow' for both of us.  She didn't tire of her investigation quickly allowing us to spend some time in that state of curiosity.  The photo reminds me of the 'wonderland' in the skies and of our minds, too. 

The title alone could work, yet I thought there might be a good quote to keep to it company.  It was a fun to find this one by author Vera Nazarian via a google search of 'wonderland'.  :)  Little connections and coincidences of imagination.

“Frost grows on the window glass, forming whorl patterns of lovely translucent geometry.

Breathe on the glass, and you give frost more ammunition.

Now it can build castles and cities and whole ice continents with your breath’s vapor.

In a few blinks you can almost see the winter fairies moving in . . .

But first, you hear the crackle of their wings.” ― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do you see it? It's still there!

I had the most amazing rainbow session with my girls and husband tonight. Usually the event is short lived when spotting one in a rain shower or while driving in the car. Well, the workings of an incoming storm and the end of day sun sustained the colors and magic for nearly an hour for us. The sky went from gray to blue and back again with big clouds coming in and out, yet a section of the rainbow arc was always present. That sets a Kato rainbow viewing record and a dang good excuse to gather in the street and act like sillies (besides Mardi Gras). :)

Anyone out there ever been with a rainbow for longer than an hour?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In my color tonight

This is my color tonight
on the eve of my 46th birthday

of my passions
my sadness within

my love and desires
the happiness gifted me

of what I sing
of what I miss

and what will never be filled
emptiness has a color
of what I can give
of what I can touch

and where I want to go
comfort has a color, too


It's all in there
it's all in me

in my color tonight

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Three words

I put myself back in this moment and think three words.

Refresh.  Our humidity and heat can slow me down and feel oppressive, and any form of relief is greatly appreciated.  The temps were actually under 90 F degrees, and that bright blue sky was a positive to view.  Insert continuous bursts of water from the downtown fountain splashing my feet and happy children running through for a release.

Rejoice.  Bright blue skies, lovely puffy clouds, and a cool place to be with my children and friends under it all makes for a good feeling.  It's hard to feel down with this surround sound. 

Appreciate.  Water is a precious gift, and the fact that I'm in a fortunate place on this planet to access it easily is to be appreciated. 

What are your three words?