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(Photo credit Phil Monahan of Orvis)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Transit of Venus - a look at the lookers

While I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get a Transit of Venus shot myself, I did take photographs telling some of the story of this historical event.  I love gatherings of many people looking at the sky, wondering over celestial mysteries.  It must be the space geek in me, and it's lots of fun to witness and participate.  This time I DID get people's names, nearly all of them, just in case I wanted to share a couple images with The Advocate.  The unknown man in the pinhole box from the partial solar eclipse stays with me.  ;)  I handed out my business card again, too, hoping that those photographed will visit.

Ashley Rodrigue from Channel 2 News

A patient observer waits for the sun

John LeBlanc, Director of Stargazers Camp, Highland Road Park Observatory
My daughter and friend were interviewed by a local news TV station. 

The waiting

The sun's near emergence over the top of the observatory's dome

Allen Hall with granddaughters, Bailey and Neily Hall

iPhone solar viewer filter

Three-and-a-half year old Madison Clement being lifted by her father, Steve Clement for a look.

From left to right Holiday Durham, Celia Escudero, Forum Shah, Jeff Covington, Bhavani Jayaram, and Sudip Bajpeyi
This group of friends were very enthusiastic and lots of fun.  I wish the image was of better quality, but I'm guessing that their iPhone grabbed a great capture.

THE shot, real time.  This viewer was attached to the side of the telescope by John LeBlanc, Director of the Stargazers Camp, of the Highland Road Park Observatory.  What a great idea!


Asawari Korde

If you'd like to see and share the photos in album view. I appreciate you giving me credit as photographer is these are shared off of this site. Enjoy, and thank you! :)  

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