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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Revivalists at the Varsity Theatre - March 11, 2017

Last Sunday night at this time I was exiting The Revivalists show at Baton Rouge's Varsity Theatre feeling content and psyched that I finally saw them again. My heart still races a bit and I'm smilin' big as I review the photos.

My spot at the right corner of the stage under Ed Williams and his pedal steel guitar makes it look like I was sitting on stage with them.

It was THE spot for David Shaw planting it right in front of me for Fade Away. Melt. 

I love how he connects with the crowd throughout. I'm always taken in good ways by the energy wave moving through us. So taken, that I lost sense of his location on stage while panning the crowd during Bulletproof. Where's David Shaw? Yup, behind me. I gotta giggle. 

(Note that his appearances stage right were reason for high fives with one of the guys next to me who had never seen them before. I had clued him in before the set that he'd be happy with the location.)


The band and crowd were so psyched that Maggie Koerner, who opened the night, returned for the encore. 

I'll always remember this show as the one that got me back out on my own to live music since my good friend, Skip, passed away this past August. He's the one who introduced me to this band, and I first saw them live with him and his brother in October 2014. I missed him in the midst very much, and immersing in these sounds and vibes was both tender and healing for the soul. 
Thank you, Revivalists.

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